Masato Mitsudera

Executive Creative Director
City Activator
Masato started his career at YOMIKO Advertising as a creative planner specializing in TVCs. In 2003, he joined Beacon Communications/Leo Burnett Tokyo where he worked with various western and Japanese clients. And in 2009, Masato became the first Japanese to be awarded a Cannes Lion Grand Prix in the Promo Category for a Yubari City Revitalization Project. He has served on the jury for various international awards, such as the 2010 Cannes Promo & Activation Category and the 2013 Spikes PR Category.
In 2012 at the age of 36, Masato became the youngest Executive Creative Director in the history of the agency and received the Creator of the Year Medalist award from the JAAA (Japan Advertising Agencies Association).
After 10 years at Beacon, he became the first Executive Creative Director of the Japan office of Geometry Global, the largest activation agency in the world. From the start in 2014, Masato was assigned to be head of creative as well as part of the management team and lead the agency’s growth in its organization and scale of business for 4 years.
Masato has taken on an additional job as Creative Advisor for Japanese cities and prefectures, contributing to regional revitalization. From August 2018, he has worked with ADK as Executive Creative Director and in May 2019, has launched his own creative boutique, FACT.
Yoshitora Saeki

Business Director
Yoshitora joined ADK in 2005. Four years later, he felt the need for input from diverse sources and a more multifaceted perspective, and decided to study in NYC. Until his departure from ADK in March 2015, he led communications development as Account Director and Digital Planner. In July 2015, he established “& Tiger”. As a Projettista who makes sure projects continue to move forward, he has produced projects, creative work and business, developed design, products and services, and has also managed development of HR consulting and start-up services. He returned to ADK in August 2018 and in May 2019, established FACT with Masato Mitsudera. Yoshitora is a professional with an incredibly positive attitude.
Yasuo Matsubara

Creative Director
Art Director
Yasuo started his career at the office of TADANORI YOKOO as Graphic Designer. He moved on to Leo Burnett Tokyo, Beacon Communications, Leo Burnett Chicago and then to Geometry Global Japan as Art Director and Creative Director. With his talented Art Direction, he has handled communication design, campaign-building, and brand development in various projects for Japanese and international clients. Yasuo reached a turning point in his career with his involvement in a world-wide campaign for a major global brand at Leo Burnett Chicago.
He has taken up book design, product design, and costume design as his personal pursuits and in 2019, joined FACT as Creative Director.
Daisuke Suzuki

Strategic Planning Director
Communication Planner
Daisuke joined ADK in 2006, and started his career as an account man in charge of a major cosmetics manufacturer. In 2010, he became a strategic planner and enhanced his career as strategic partner for large national and global clients. Utilizing his experience at the Kansai Branch and Tokyo HQ, he moved on to the Integrated Planning section in 2018 and joined the newly established creative boutique, FACT, in 2019. His capabilities range wide, from merchandise development, branding, VI & CI development, research, marketing communications planning, to workshop management and facilitation.
Kosuke Sawabe

CM Planner
Kosuke started his career at ADK in account service, in charge of a large home appliances manufacturer. He moved on to become strategic planner and was involved in branding, research design, strategic communications planning, insight investigation, merchandise development, etc. In 2014, Kosuke moved to the creative department, where he developed ideas centered on film for various Japanese and international clients and brands as their creative partner. His strength comes from his wide experience, allowing him to develop copy and ideas from a highly strategic perspective. In order to activate people in more powerful and wide-ranging ways, he has joined FACT as copywriter.
Yurika Hotta

PR Director
Communication Planner
Yurika grew up in a home where the family business was traditional craft. And in order to promote traditional craft from her hometown Iwatsuki in Saitama prefecture, she decided to pursue a career in PR / Communications and joined Material in 2013. She was in charge of PR for more than 100 companies and in 2015, was stationed at TBWA Hakuhodo to be in charge of Nestlé Japan. The following year, she received a Cannes Lion Bronze in Health & Wellness for the Wearable Tomato Project for Kagome.
After years of hard training with very little sleep, Yurika decided to set up her own PR firm in June 2018 to realize a one-stop-solution PR service with a vision to help preserve and hand over Japanese culture to succeeding generations. Following her activities as Communications Planner, she has decided to become a member of FACT.
Shin Nakamura

Junior Art Director
Shin joined ADK in 2019 after graduating from Kyushu University Graduate School of Design in the same year. He had temporary assigned to FACT for a year and a half, and then he has officially joined FACT in 2021 as Junior Art Director / Designer. Contrary to his eccentric hairstyle and unique outfit, his motto is “honestly, humbly, and foolishly.”. He has been designing and planning campaign visuals, logo marks, TVCM and so on for various Japanese and international clients and brands as their creative partner. Furthermore, He personally works in various areas such as package design, artwork design for artists, apparel design and so on. He loves fashion and music, and also is a DJ based in Tokyo.